Kabeer Consulting

Kabeer Consulting is driven by innovation , rapidly growing consulting company that specializes in offering SAP based Consulting Services. Our focus is on delivering excellent business value and Return on Investment (ROI) by implementing the optimal SAP based solutions with best implementation and Methodology and utilizing the leading business practices..

We believe there are three important aspects of consulting People, Process and Technology. The most important aspect of any successful consulting business in today's ever-changing industry is creative and innovative human resources, which is what we have successfully established. Readmore...

Our Training
Our training approach has been designed to achieve the following specific objectives: Teach users the new the following specific new the achieve

SAP (B1)
Core business management solution, extensive features and functions Outlook integration Embedded SAP Outlook solution business

Microsoft ERP
Powerful financial reporting tool which can help accountant and financial analysts to extract the most essential business data from the chart of financial analysts to can