Hospital Data Management

SAP Business One partners in Delhi NCR

Hospitals are the backbone of a healthy society. While doctors and nurses are doing the priceless job of saving lives, the management is offering them support. As the leading SAP Business One partners in Delhi NCR, Kabeer Consulting understands the needs of hospital management, and hence, we offer an integrated suite to streamline the work effectively.

Our SAP Solutions will absolutely revolutionize the way your hospital operates on a day-to-day basis, thus enabling the delivery of the most modern, personalized and cost-effective care to patients.

Patient Profile Management

Hundreds of people, in an outpatient, usually get treated at a hospital per day. Each has their own health issues, medical history, tests and their reports, allergies, appointments and other specific requirements that need to be logged. With our advanced patient management system, you can store all relevant information regarding every single patient, update it as anything changes, and retrieve his or her digital file as needed.

Collaborative Healthcare

Many patients have specialized needs and require healthcare that extends beyond a particular hospital. There are several cases, where multiple doctors, from different institutions, collaborate to provide the best healthcare solution in complicated cases. In some situations, patients also need healthcare workers to take care of them at home. Thus, with our SAP suite, patients and their care providers can easily collaborate to even provide care outside the hospital setting.

Vendor and Procurement

Running a hospital requires a consistent procurement of essential medical equipment and tools, acquisition of cutting-edge technology, along medicines and other medical supplies. As the top SAP Business One partners in Delhi NCR and its hospital sector, we offer an integrated suite that helps you manage your vendor and procurement efficiently so that you never miss out on a purchase date or end up with more or less of what you need.

Human Resources

With the help of our advanced ERP solutions, you can keep records of all your medical and non-medical staff. You will be able to schedule their shifts, vacation days, overtime and manage every need with just a few clicks. This ensures that your employees are always well taken care of, get what they need for their own wellbeing, and are never overworked. It is important to remember that satisfied employees are the key to a successful hospital.

Financial Management

Financial management is a crucial part of running any hospital. Medical equipment often is extremely expensive to procure. Moreover, there are several medicines and other supplies that are to be purchased for treatment. With our advanced management tools, you can keep detailed records and breakups of every financial transaction, whether you are buying or whether a patient is paying. In case a patient demands a breakup of costs or you need to do some budgeting, you can access all financial data in one consolidated unit.

By picking Kabeer Consulting as your chosen SAP Business One partners in Delhi NCR, you leave the stress of management to our SAP solution so that you can focus on providing the best healthcare to every patient.

Hospital Data Management Software enables hospitals to gather and analyze hospital data.
Here is an introduction to the Hospital Data Management system and how it benefits the hospital.

  • Multiple branch Management and tracking
  • Make more informed Decisions
  • Patient Registration
  • Patient Visit details
  • Patient payment details
  • Branch wise expense tracking
  • Integrated with SAP Business One
  • Analytical reports
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