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Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting businesses of all sizes in every industry across the globe. On one hand, health concerns related to safety and wellbeing of family, friends, employees and business partners take our attention, on other hands we face challenges of securing our businesses affected by supply chain disruptions and economic uncertainty. Small businesses at the end of the supply chain are the hardest hit.

Over the last five decades, SAP has been helping businesses run their mission-critical processes. With 80% of its customer base from the SMB sector, SAP understands the challenges of uncertain times in this sector. SAP Business One ERP # 1 business management software for SME is playing a pivotal role in:

  • Better demand forecasting when orders are getting delayed or affected otherwise
  • Inventory optimization according to demand and cut down inventory carrying cost
  • Closely managing manufacturing or distribution operations in real-time to cut operating cost
  • Cash flow forecasting for better utilization of cash where & when needed
  • Reports and Analytics to identify changes in customer purchase pattern

Uncertain times are also times of business opportunity. Customers buy but the buying choices and patterns change. Working closely with business partners in the supply chain, agile businesses are able to identify changes and quickly convert them to opportunities. Recently a Scottish brewery grabbed the opportunity in hygiene segment and started manufacturing sanitizers. A downfall due to closure of pubs and restaurants or business in personal hygiene, it’s for the business to interpret. Thus, we see early adopters gain a tactical business advantage.

Lean periods are the best time to invest in new technologies like ERP, Mobility, manufacturing automation, improve processes and streamline things. Businesses which do these are better prepared when the uncertainty passes. In the long run, successful businesses are able to identify risks and convert them to opportunities using technology for sustainable growth.


Return on Investment for SAP B1 is many times higher. With Kabeer Consulting as your SAP B1 partners in New York, you get guaranteed Return on Investment in your business. With so many benefits, it is very vital in today’s highly competitive food industry for smaller organizations to manage and grow by implementing SAP B1.

The writer is from Kabeer, a global SAP implementation and consulting organization Head office based out in Edison, New Jersey (USA) and with offices across the globe. Under the dynamic leadership of our President & CEO Mr Dilip K.Sadh, Kabeer Consulting Inc., the best SAP B1 partners in NJ, Kabeer Infotech Systems India Pvt. Ltd., well-known SAP B1 partners in India and Kabeer Consulting Nigeria Ltd. the experienced SAP B1 partners in Nigeria and the trusted SAP B1 partners in Ghana are helping Small & Medium Enterprises manage & grow their businesses.

SAP B1 Partners in India

SAP B1 Partners in India

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