Loan Management

The studies say, “Employees are indeed more productive when they’re happier”. Hence, if you are running a business then you need to look for the ways so that your employees don’t face any problem. When an employee is tension free then he/she can do his/her work with full concentration.

The financial stress is one of the biggest stresses for anyone; which you can of course lessen for your employees by offering them a loan. The loan offered by you can give a sigh of relief to your employees and they can return the loan from their salary only.

However, such heavy financial transactions should have a proper track and management. Now, you can manage the loan offered by you to your employees. Loan Management System facilitates your employees to request loans with details such as the loan amount, date of the first installment, etc. It helps users to improve the activity, efficiency, and transparency for providing better service to the employees.

  • Loan Calculation

  • Loan Repayment

  • List of Complete Loan