A payroll report is a document that employers use to verify their tax liabilities or cross-check financial data. It may include such information as pay rates, hours worked, overtime accrued, taxes withheld from wages, employer tax contributions, vacation balances and more.

  • Payroll summary reports
    Payroll administrators enter a date range and can see pay information about a single employee, an individual department or the entire workforce. Gross and net wages, tax withholdings, and other deductions are usually included in payroll summary reports
  • Payroll detail reports
    Employers who want a granular, line-by-line view of an employee’s compensation history may run a payroll detail report. As with summary reports, data may also be available at the department or organization level.
  • Employee summaries
    Employee reports generally include personal information (name, address, date of hire), pay information (salary, hourly rate) and tax information (quarterly/yearly-to-date totals).