When organizations implement SAP application to support their business processes they embark on a journey during which they constantly encounter changes in their business needs. These needs arise because of many factors including M&A activity, changes in marketplace, changes in global economy, competitive factors and many more, thus it is very important to have processes and an Application management team to manage the SAP application such that the SAP environment meets the current needs as well as is geared to support the business changes as and when they come.

Kabeer Consulting SAP Management and Support services are geared to support TOP SAP Customers in their SAP journey by focusing on the following:

Deploying mature processes and right mix technology skills to provide for a measurable Service Levels that meets the business requirement.
Leveraging Global delivery Centers to achieve a Cost-effective solution.
Leverage CoE and overall organization knowledge to enable Continuous Improvement.
Maintaining a 24*7 operation with breadth and depth of SAP skills to provide the ramp up/ramp-down flexibility to support our customer business growth.
Kabeer Consulting offers support and maintenance services to manage and optimize the performance of your SAP landscape. We believe in defining Service Level Agreements at the outset of a maintenance assignment so that its clients benefit from a clearly defined services level.

Our Firm using its methodologies and tools offers support and maintenance to TOP SAP Customers helping them to get maximum return on their ever-growing business critical SAP applications.

Our Application Management and Support Solution include following phases:

  • Conduct Portfolio Assessment
  • Establish Transition Governance Structure and Organization
  • Analyze Current FTE
  • Base-lining & Skill Requirements
  • Define Transition Waves and Plan
  • Develop Communication Plan
  • Deploy onsite and offshore transition teams
  • Validate Documentation and develop knowledge capture documents
  • Create web-based Knowledge Repository
  • Conduct Interactive Virtual Classroom Sessions between onsite and offshore transition teams
  • 2-step Process for shadowing
  • Finalize Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • SAP Functional and Technical Support
  • System Administration and Monitoring
  • 24/7 corrective and supportive maintenance
  • SAP infrastructure support
  • 2-step Process for shadowing
  • F24/7 Helpdesk Support
  • Monitor Performance
  • Continuous Improvement and Business Process Re-engineering

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