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Quality Control is an essential part of every manufacturing process. Kabeer Consulting offers you a robust and efficient QC Add on for your ERP SAP Business One solution. This will help you handle quality checks and related processes effectively with minimal effort and time. In order to be safe, it is best to carry out quality checks at a number of different stages, such as with incoming materials, during several in-process activities, at every step of manufacturing, production and finally, before the dispatch of the final product.

Kabeer Consulting offers an integrated QC Add on with our SAP solutions that are designed to map quality controls, as per your set parameters. It functions smoothly, consolidating the various probabilities of the process of quality assurance, therefore minimizing the chances of any errors. We offer:

Quality Control At Every Step

Depending on the nature of production, there are several different stages where you should ideally employ quality checks to ensure that anything that doesn’t pass the standards gets eliminated before even going through the next step. Using our add on, you can implement quality checks at every step you need. This saves money and effort as you spend your resources only the suitable ones from the batch remain.

Options Of Quality Inspection

The best thing about our QC Add on for our ERP SAP Business One suite is the wide range of customizable options we offer. You get to decide the different methods and parameters you will employ for conducting a quality assurance check. You can efficiently employ sample management to set the parameters of your choice. It is possible to set the inspection by Batch Numbers or Serial Numbers so that the results are in order.

Advanced Decision Making

Our OC Ad On is enabled with advanced decision-making abilities. It inspects every unit as per your instructions and ascertains which items get approved, rejected or a semi-approval. Thus, the process of transfer of products from production to warehouse is completely automated. This multi-step inspection minimizes the margins of errors, to ensure only those, which pass all these quality checks, are dispatched for sale.

Data Records

Our QC tool generates a Quality Inspection Report for every batch of items that have successfully passed the inspections and gone into inventory. It also keeps a record of your past quality checks and all the data related to it. With every batch, it also keeps tracking the sample loss and helps you compare your older data with current ones, to assess your production. This is particularly helpful as you can formulate and implement better practices in order to reduce your losses, and thus, optimize production quality.

Our QC Add on, along with our superior ERP SAP Business One system will enhance the performance and precision of your production, and quality checks, thus, revolutionising manufacturing. At the end of the day, quality is a crucial factor, on which your reputation rests. Therefore, when it comes to quality control, it is important to choose the very best.

The purpose of this add-on is to enable the user to record the quality management details. Quality checking of incoming material, finished goods, sales return, goods receipt, and the pre-dispatch transaction will be managed in the add-on. The Add-on name will be Quality Management. The pre-dispatch transaction will be added later on.

ERP SAP Business One

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