Quality Management

Quality Control is an essential part of every manufacturing process. Kabeer Consulting offers you a robust and efficient QC Add on for your ERP SAP Business One solution.

Digital Signature

Kabeer has developed an add-on for the same which support to digital sign the GST Tax Invoices both item and service type.

E-invoicing Add-on for SAP Business One ERP

The GST council has made e-invoicing mandatory for businesses with a turnover over Rs. 20Cr with effect from 1st April 2022.

Vendor Rating

SAP Business One Cloud accredited partners to assist you in finding, purchasing, developing & deploying a cloud that best suits your particular needs.

Hospital Data Management

Hospitals are the backbone of a healthy society. While doctors and nurses are doing the priceless job of saving lives, the management is offering them support.

Foreign Trade

Export Process add-on enable users to complying with rules and regulations of international trade is of utmost importance to companies engaged in International Trade.

Dairy Industry Solution

SAP Business One for Dairy Industry| Gate entry process is defined in SAP for milk vehicles & all those raw materials.

Meat Industry

SAP b1 partners in Nigeria – Gate Entry for Live animal is the first entry screen for recording the incoming animal details for the day according to the supplier.

Gate Entry

Gate Entry add-on facilitate SAP Business One with Gate Entry process. Gate entry process allows user to capture incoming/outgoing material details at factory/plant entry like transporter details, vehicle details and vendor details etc.

Bar / QR Code & Scanning

The Barcode Format Divided into number of Part. Item Code (Max Length-5)”/” at the end of Item code. Document No of the form (Max Length-5)”/” at the end of Doc Number.

Milk Processing

The purpose of this add-on is to enable user to manage the quality details of milk. This add-on also calculate the milk rate, based on FAT and SNF component automatically.