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Everything You Need To Know About SAP Business One

“SAP” refers to data processing systems, software andproducts .SAP offers services for businesses of all sizes and sectors as a global market and innovation leader in software applications for Consumers and Servers enterprise. SAP was established in Germany and now operates in more than 130 countries worldwide. In the United States, Canada, Latin America and Caribbean countries, SAP Americas, a subsidiary of the German founder SAP AG, supervises its operations.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One is an affordable integrated business resource planning solution to better manage the entire business of small and medium-sized businesses and big companies with subsidiary activities. SAP Business One offers a simple solution that simplifies business processes, delivers information in real time and helps to boost overall corporate performance.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

Accounting software programs manage only the individual business functions of the accounting firm, while an ERP system performs the company’s entire business functions. SAP Business One, including ERP systems, completely incorporates all key business functions, including: financial services, human resources, finance, advertising, logistics, etc. It removes the need for a variety of manual processes and non-integrated business applications to help the company.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One is especially designed for small and medium enterprises that outgrow their current packaged accounting software or spreadsheets and/or need to replace multiple applications that have not been integrated. Many of our clients first start their research recognizing that they have a specific business issue–for example redundant data entry, poor reporting or the problem of sales because their company accounts and inventory are not clear. They see how SAP Business One can solve these challenges and much more through the discovery process. SAP Business One is also well-suited to large companies with SAP which aim to incorporate their subsidiaries rapidly in new regional markets.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.


  • Accounting
  • Controlling
  • Banking and reconciliation
  • Financial reporting and analysis


  • Access critical information with integrated analytic and reporting tools
  • Gather data from multiple sources from across all Financials, sales, customers, inventory, service, production, and operations
  • Generate timely and accurate reports


  • Master data management
  • Procurement
  • Warehouse and accounting integration
  • Up-to-date reporting


  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Bin location management
  • Goods receipt and issue control
  • Production and material requirements planning
  • Efficient reporting


  • Sales opportunity management
  • Campaign management
  • Customer management
  • Service management

SAP Business One is designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses and subsidiary companies. SAP Business Business Enhanced custodian retention and satisfaction through faster response times and instant access to customer information The efficiency achieved through the elimination of redundant and manual data entry errors through integration and operational effizience are measurable by using an integrated ERP application with:

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

Four SAP Business One license types, each with subordinate accessibility levels. With each customer, Kabeer sales consultants recommend license types based on their user requirements.

PROFESSIONAL User All modules and functionalities in software Business one are available to professional users. The client is usually involved in business at all levels, including CEO, Chairman, Director, etc. All major features of the Marketing, Purchasing and CRM modules are accessible to the LIMITED CRM Client Limited CRM. It client engages in a business ‘ role in sales, advertising and customer relations.


All sales, stock, and production modules and limited access to the purchasing system have complete access by Restricted LOGISTICS USER Restricted Logistics users.


User Limited Financial User has access to all major banking, purchasing and lending features in Business One. This user license is available for employees involved in sourcing, acquisition and supply chain management. Controllers, accountants and financial analysts are common clients.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One provides versatility, unlike niche business applications, to address the specific system needs and challenges of your client, irrespective of the sector you represent. SAP Business One provides the business with the tools to thrive you need with more than 550 prepaid, fully integrated, industry-specific solutions.
SAP Business One has a response for your sector from a manufacturer of highly customisable paper products to IT Services pro Vider which are looking to better serve your customers in all areas of your business.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Medical Devices
  • Food & Beverage
  • Apparel
  • Manufacturing
  • Wholesale Distribution
  • Automotive
  • Lumber and Building Materials
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • High Tech
  • Industrial Machinery and Components
  • Consumer Products
  • Engineering, Construction and Operations

The add-ons to SAP Business One are custom software solutions to meet your growing business ‘ specific needs, either through ready-packed or custom solutions, by extending the standard functionality of core ERP solution.

Pre-packaged solutions: Designed to meet industry specific needs by extending key functional areas including:
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Process Management
  • Cloud & Web Computing
  • E-Commerce
  • HR & Payroll
  • Mobility
  • Complex Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Quality Management
  • Reporting
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse Management

Kabeer’s team can also provide qualified and accredited SAP Business One integration advisors who can conduct tailored design work to support any additional specialized processes that you need to support your business.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One offers effective unified analytical and reportable resources to access critical business data, including accounting, revenue, procurement, development, inventory, service and operations, across all operational areas. You can take better decisions and benefit from new business with narrow windows of access to real-time information.

SAP Business One also provides numerous useful and standard ready-to-made reports in addition to customized reports to meet specific information requirements. Through organizational analyses like the management marketing analyzes to the highly versatile controller stock analysis, you can extend and evaluate in more detail. Each report can be added to a configurable dashboard to easily accessible and executable routine reporting operations in real time by clicking on a button.

SAP Business One is available via Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a host solution. The choice to use your own network or host platform depends on the overall specifications, system investment and longer-term objectives of your business. SAP Business One can be hosted as a certified solution for production on AWS using a pay-by-use model that allows customers to only pay for the resources that they are using. See for more information.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

There are several factors that determine how fast you can implement and customize SAP Business One for your business. Kabeer is a partner in the implementation to ensure you have a clear understanding of the time and resources needed at the beginning of your project. The size of your firm, complexity of business structure, type of ERP deployment and any specific add-ons or customizations required include other considerations.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

When implementing SAP Business One, Kabeer takes a unique approach. Our accredited advisors gain a comprehensive understanding of each company and how SAP Company One can be used as a continuous basis for your personalized business requirements. The process comprises a phase of project planning, business plan, project implementation and Go Live. When our SAP Business One Support team is fully active, our software support TOTAL Care consultants from Kabeer are available.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One offers scalable solution that not only satisfies today’s basic business needs for business management, but can also be adapted to handle and increase the number of customer transactions generated.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

In SAP Business One to work for you, you need existing business information, such as customers, vendors, reports and invoices. You can import data from a text file, excel spreadsheet or manually from your older system into SAP Business One. SAP Business One has an extension called the Data Transfer workbench (DTW) to ensure data transfer is achieved as easily as possible. This tool enables you to import additional master and transaction data by extracting, mapping and importing data, ensuring data consistency.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

SAP Business One was designed for small and medium-sized enterprises. The software therefore supports multiple technologies that represent the different levels of IT investment made by fast growing companies. At the basic level, the latest release of version 9.0 for SAP Business One is as follows:

Recommended System Requirements for 30 users

Processor 2 Intel Xeon E7 (or equivalent)
Memory (Ram) 16 GB
Hard Drive Raid 10 320 GB
Drives DVD-Rom
Display 1600×900 or higher

Four Intel Xeon E7 equivalent processors should be considered for systems with over 30 users. It is advised to consider adding more processors and memories depending on the amount of SAP Business One Integration Products in your business and how many are enabled (Mobility, Campaign Management, Inter client, Quotation Requests, etc.) and to assist SQL Data Base Administrators.

Kabeer can also deploy the SAP Business 1 application as a host solution if your business grows more rapidly than your IT infrastructure supports or does not have the IT capabilities to support on site implementation. Connect to a representative of Kabeer at for a comprehensive list of system requirements for SAP Business One.

SAP B1 partners in USA, India, Africa, Ghana & Nigeria.

The cost for your company to adopt the SAP Business One application is subject to five key issues: software license fee for deployment – user count, and type of access required for Professional hardware maintenance and assistance services.

You will receive the standard cost for the SAP Business One application as well as the additional costs based on number of users, the type of access required, professional implementing services, maintenance charges and extra hardware when you request a quote. An integrated solution such as SAP Business One is important to those businesses that want to expand while remaining competitive and profitable. Investment returns (ROI) usually take one to three years. Please contact a representative from Kabeer at for more information or to request a quotation.

With the aid of team of dedicated SAP Business One advisors that have extensive experience through SAP Business One, Kabéer helps the companying well beyond their initial implementation phases.

Kabeer’s TOTAL Care has identified a methodology for generating and automatically identifying services calls in order to ensure quickest response time. The system automatically creates a new service call when the application is forwarded, which is then redirected to the priority desk. The customer is immediately told that a ticket number has already been issued to the support representative, after the priority of a service call has already been set.

As part of the TOTAL Care program, companies receive free membership of the Kabeer SAP Business One User Group (VSUG) providing additional training opportunities for companies including:


Kabeer’s customers will be offered meetings to ensure that their investment in ERP is maximized. Such free meetings offer the chance to review the latest features and information on additional features of major releases of the SAP Business application to boost the business performance.


Clients are also invited to regular online chat with Carl Lewis, the SME expert. Here customers are openly discussing the challenges they face and figuring out how to use the software to solve their business problems with Kabeer and other SAP Business One clients.


Kabeer provides SAP Business One’s crystal reports training through two-day live training that gives customers practical skills and tools to easily build powerful reports.

The SME market has become a much more competitive environment with recent technological breakthroughs. SAP continues to focus on rising core functionalities as the market serviced is that from SME to also include the highest end market with each new major launch of SAP Business One. In order to achieve this aim, SAP Business One has continuously been developed as a long-term solution for the future by business.

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