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The system for Global Trade Services (GTS) lets you automate your global trade transactions, manage large numbers of business partners and documents, and ensure that your company always complies with constantly changing international legal regulations.

SAP B1 Partners in Africa

Opening your business across global borders comes with several challenges. However, we, at Kabeer Consultancy, love taking on challenges, and believe in breaking boundaries to help you achieve more. As the top SAP B1 Partners in Africa, we offer you a superior and advanced SAP Global Trade Services, or GTS add on with your SAP Business One solutions. This modern tool will make your cross-border global trading easy, reliable and cost-effective.

Our SAP GTS add on is integrated automation that is designed to boost your import and export processes in several ways:

SPL Screening

Local laws are often a huge hindrance in foreign trade, and hence our system enforces a stringent Support sanctioned party list, or SPL screening through every step of the process, right from procurement and finance, through distribution and sales, even including HR, thus, ensuring, you are ever on the wrong side of the law. In case a transaction fails our thorough checks, it is immediately blocked until reviewed. It supports the maintenance of work lists that are used to process all blocked documents and instantly escalates any questionable entry through efficient and user-friendly workflows.

Export And Import Management

Our core logistics processes build the necessary connects for facilitating export management. It ensures that the entire process complies with all rules and laws, classifies all products, conducts a complete sanctioned party list and embargo screenings and inspects valid export licenses in order to determine whether an export is safe. Similarly, our automation integrates with your processes that deal with the procurement of imports and/or other inbound logistics. These multi-step intensive checks keep your processes safe from legal faults and persecution.

Real-Time Compliance Check

When it comes to export/import, time is crucial and as the most sought after SAP B1 Partners in Africa, we offer you all control over all your necessary quality and safety compliance checks in real-time. Our systems are designed to integrate smoothly with your order and shipment processing. Thus, you can access and keep tabs on all your compliance data to ensure that your shipment moves exactly as you planned it.

Support Through International Customs

A large of foreign shipments face hassles and setbacks, through customs. Our GTS tool, through its intense product classification, and compliance checks aims to eliminate the risks of rejection and delay. It also aids in customs clearance by connecting to relevant government customs systems via our certified interfaces. It helps you in meeting all the customs requirements of your target countries. By taking care of free trade regulations, processing trade rules, foreign trade zones and all other customs related issues, you enjoy a hassle-free ride through customs.

Our SAP GTS add on is designed to offer immense acceleration to your supply chain across the borders. It helps you automate and streamline your trading process so that you have complete control over your costs, reduce overheads, and thus, create a viable international business. By choosing Kabeer Consulting, the leading SAP B1 Partners in Africa, you sign yourself up for unprecedented growth and success.

This solution supports your global trade activities with the tools you need to participate in the modernized systems and electronic means of communication used by government agencies and customs authorities. GTS helps you avoid costly delays and financial risks involved with imports and exports, enabling you to react to international business opportunities quickly.

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