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Customer is king, they say. As your business keeps growing, you will gain customers by leaps and bounds, which brings us to the need of managing your relationship with every customer, keeping track of their needs, deadlines, preferences and other data, that can be crucial in keeping every client happy. Kabeer Consulting offers you a little add on over our standard SAP Business One Price the access to our superior Web-based CRM tools, which will help you effectively manage all your customers through one consolidated platform.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM software offers you advanced automation and tools to integrate your customer analytics and data. It has several valuable features that will transform your customer management

Contact Management

You can create a secure central database for storing all customer information, such as name, contact detail, social media handle and other preferences. With set controls, you can allow designated members of your workforce access to these details in real-time.

Interaction Records

Keep a track of every customer interactions, such as phone conversations, emails, chats and all online communications so that you never forget any detail. This will help you eliminate any inconsistencies in customer interaction and services across channels.

Lead Conversion

Every time you find yourself a leader in your pipeline, it is essential to take special care to improve your chances of converting every lead into purchasing customer. With our CRM, you can store all data related to your leads and integrate it into one database, so that you can implement necessary actions to get their business.

Chat Automation

With a little over our SAP Business One Price, you can get the most advanced AI, which can help in automating all your repetitive, manual tasks like contact addition, data entry of records etc. It will also help you deliver effective and useful chatbot interactions across your messaging apps.

Customer Analytics

Stay on top of your customer relations with constant on-demand access to all your customer analytics and insights that CRM interactive dashboards report. This will help you predict customers needs, create personalized experiences, and formulate more effective strategies.

CRM Integration

In order to create a wholesome customer experience, you can integrate our CRM with all your online platforms, including website, social media, email as well as calendars, billing and accounting to keep a tab on every customer and their data. You can also keep a track of all responses to customer surveys to help deliver better.

Flexible CRM access

You can access your CRM from anywhere, at any point in time, in real-time, on any device. Using our CRM cloud, you can set up streamlined security and data privacy access controls to set who gets access to what data.

Kabeer Consulting offers you a super CRM add on over our SAP Business One Price. This tool will completely transform your client management; offer you all your valuable data and insights on every customer. Using this data you can devise and implement smart, personalized customer-building strategies across all online platforms.

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