Meat Industry

Animal Arrival & Slaughter Process

Gate Entry for Live animal is the first entry screen for record the incoming animal details for the day according to supplier. This entry form is optional, if user would not like to do the gate entry.

In this window, User allocate Tag No to arrived animal according to the supplier. This Tag is very important elements for further process. There is an Tag Master form where user can manage Tag Details

Use this window to issue the animal for Halal. Here user can issue any emergency animal for high priority. There is an option to manage without tag.
Some times there will be no tag with the animal, then user can use with out tag remarks

After a long slaughter process the carcass came to the weighing scale where that carcass will be weighted and if there is any observation found user can mark that.

In this window, user can prepare a meat memo for suppliers. During preparation the meat memo, system will check all tag no which is assign in the lairage entry and every tag has been weighted or no, if not then system now allow to made Meat memo.

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