SAP B1 Partners in New York

SAP B1 Partners in New York

Deciding to employ SAP is the best choice you can ever make for your business. Its wide range of customizable and flexible options, intelligent automation, cutting-edge technology and superior control and diligent real-time documentation are some of the best features that will revolutionize the processes of your company. As the top SAP B1 Partners in New York, Kabeer Consulting will be a part of your success story, your transformation.

Integration from your older system into a new and advanced SAP system can be a bit of a challenge. However, you can rest assured that is the least difficult thing because once you integrate into SAP, it all becomes unbelievably easy and systematic.

There are several different ways you can integrate SAP:

SAP Business One integration

In order to integrate SAP Business One, we use DI services for revealing Business One objects.  You would require the HANA service layer to access objects in SAP B1 if have your current SAP Business one installation on HANA, then is needed. With our latest extensions, which make us the most sought-after SAP B1 Partners in New York, this entire process is absolutely easy and user-friendly.

File exchange

When it comes to older applications, such as mainframes, file exchange is the best way of integration. This method generates a file at the source system and stores it in a specified directory. With the use of middleware such as SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), this file is picked up and processed as needed, and finally transferred to a destination folder. A destination application will then receive it and process it to fully integrate it into the new system. Inbound files can also be generated and processed this way.


Another method of integration makes use of intermediary documents or IDOCs for information exchange between an SAP and another system. IDOCs, like XML, comprise specific well-defined segments of data with parent/child nodes. With the use of these acting as an intermediary, it is possible to efficiently transfer large volumes of data between the systems.


Remote Function Call or RFC is possibly the most efficient method for real-time SAP integration. In this method, several specific functions are equipped to enable remote calls, which can be utilized for real-time communications for third-party applications while integrating SAP.

SAP Business by Design Web Service API

Business ByDesign has a brilliant Web Service API that is used to integrate SAP with a third-party application. This method works in two steps. First, we start with authentication and then we go into the designation operation of integration.

The best method of integration is one, which suits your needs and fits your systems seamlessly. As the leading SAP B1 Partners in New York, Kabeer Consulting guarantees you the latest SAP technology and best system integration support you can get. Our advanced automation is designed to smoothly integrate into your business processes, to offer you an easy transition. With minimal effort, time and money, you can transform your business.

SAP B1 Partners in New York Kabeer Consulting is known for its timely delivery and budget delivery with its extensive expertise in SAP services. Under the umbrella of our implementation approach and backed by best practices, toolkits and structure, our skilled and experienced operational, technological and techno-functional consultants have applied SAP solutions across multiple industries.

To support the needs of our customers, Kabeer Consulting has two distinct approaches for SAP implementations:

Rapid Deployment Approach

The Rapid deployment is aimed at customers who want to benefit from a pre-configured solution with a fixed scope. In 8-12 weeks, the initial solution will be deployed and ready after which business users can start using the system. A prototype-based approach can be used to further improve the application once it has been used by the user community for a certain period of time. The goal is a low level of customization. The advantage of this strategy is fast development time and lower implementation cost by using pre-configured solution for best practices.

SAP B1 Partners in New York With comprehensive expertise in SAP software,Kabeer Consulting is known for timely delivery and budget execution.

SAP B1 Partners in New York
ASAP Methodology based Approach

Under this approach, Kabeer Consulting team works with the business and IT team of the organization to help improve their business processes, identify future state processes and align their business requirements to the functionality available in the SAP application through configuration and customization. The key elements of this plan were extensive testing and effective management of the transition. SAP’s ASAP methodology defines the key phases and activities as outlined below.

With over 10 years of experience in SAP implementations, Kabeer Consulting has established a solid reputation with our global customers for delivering high quality, on-time, on-budget implementation results. Kabeer Consulting two implementation approaches provide our customer with the flexibility to choose an option based on their business needs and budget to take advantage of SAP application.

SAP B1 Partners in New York