Vendor Rating

  • A supplier is any person or company that sells goods or service to someone else in an economic production chain.
  • Vendors or suppliers are given standing, status, or title according to their attainment of some level of performance, such as delivery, lead time, quality, price, or some combination of variables.
  • It may take the form of a hierarchical ranking from poor to excellent and whatever rankings the firm chooses to insert in between the two.

SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud accredited partners to assist you in finding, purchasing, developing & deploying a cloud that best suits your particular needs.

When you are running a large enterprise, it is likely that you have to deal with several vendors for your different procurement needs. Kabeer Consulting understands your needs and offers you superior SAP Business One Cloud services to help you manage your procurement process by creating a comprehensive database of vendor rating. Thus for any purchasing needs, you can have at hand a detailed list of possible vendors, with clear data on their pros and cons, which will help you streamline your procurement process.

Scores and Criteria

The scoring system of the latest SAP Solution ranges from the standard 1 to 100 points, out of which you can rate the performance, service, quality and other criteria of your vendors. With the help of this rating system, you can compare several vendors by their overall scores and then pick the best for your needs.

In the standard system there are several criteria available for you to score your vendors:

Price: You can rate the price range of several vendors to compare and decide the best value for money

Quality: When it comes to quality, there is no compromise. Thus, keeping an active record of the quality of products and services helps you choose the finest!

Delivery: Punctuality and ease of delivery in the vending service are crucial factors and keeping necessary records of delivery data will ensure that you get all your delivery on time and hassle-free.

Invoice: Easy, simple and transparency in invoicing are qualities everyone wants in a good vendor. Under this tab, you can rate all invoice related criteria to do business with better vendors in future.

General service and support: Finally, in this system, you can also record all other general service or after-sales support issues you like or dislike.

Using Kabeer Consulting’s latest SAP Business One Cloud services you can even add a number of other parameters to rate your vendors by. You can assign a set subjective to these criteria, which goes into creating an overall score for every vendor.

Our unique vendor rating system will transform your business in several ways:

  1. By comparing the various criteria of you can always make the right choice of vendor for all your purchasing needs.
  1. When you study your vendor scores, you can choose a combination of the most profitable options of vendors, and do not have to rely on one for more of your requirements.
  1. If your preferred vendor is somehow unavailable for a particular order, you don’t need to stress. Simply check the scores of your vendor rating to choose the next best one.
  1. You can assess the performance of your vendors on a regular basis to optimize the best deals you are getting with their service.

As the leading service provider of SAP Business One Cloud solutions, Kabeer Consulting promises you the very best quality ERP systems that will absolutely revolutionize your procurement process. With a smoothly functioning vendor management system, you will never have to worry about purchasing again!

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